Draft Top

content creation

We were hired in the summer of 2022 as freelance creatives for Draft Top, a start up that was featured and won a deal on Shark Tank in 2021. We dream up and create themed content monthly for the company to use on social media, their website, and marketing campaigns globally. Most recently, our photos featured on an advertising campaign in Japan! Taking advantage of the different New England landscapes and seasons, we have been able to create an elevated and outdoorsy brand image for Draft Top across the world.

Category: Lifestyle Photography

LOCATION: new england

YEAR: 2022-present

01 / 11

studio photography

Among the content we deliver monthly, we occasionally set up product shots in a staged, studio atmosphere. We love working in the studio, because it pushes us and our creativity to find out of the box set ups and associated props to use when creating still-life product photos.

Category: Product Photography


YEAR: 2023

01 / 05

product launch shoot

We have also worked out in the field along the rest of the Draft Top team, taking photos and videos for them to promote their new products. We used a combination of both product photography and documentary style imagery to achieve the look that is in line with the brand image we have created for them.

Category: Lifestyle Photography + product photography

LOCATION: York, maine

YEAR: 2022

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More coming soon...